Across Brevard County, OMNI Healthcare is on the front line in the battle against COVID-19.

Coronavirus Vaccine Update

Information regarding the availability of the Covid-19 vaccine in Florida continues to change. While OMNI Healthcare is prepared to administer the vaccine, no supply is being provided to us from the state at this time. Because of this, OMNI Healthcare is no longer making appointments for new patients. If you currently have an existing appointment with OMNI, we can reschedule your appointment with the understanding that your reservation is dependent upon OMNI receiving additional allocations of the vaccine. If OMNI does not expect to have vaccine available as your appointment time nears we will notify you in advance and you will, once again, have the option to reschedule your appointment. At this time OMNI is scheduling appointments for late February and March. All appointments with OMNI Healthcare are made in good faith and we appreciate your patience during this unprecedented time. To reschedule your appointment contact OMNI Healthcare by email at and provide your name, phone number, sex, and date of birth. Capturing this information will allow us to send you an invitation to join our patient portal. In an effort to stay in contact with patients regarding vaccine supply and appointment scheduling, OMNI Healthcare is requesting patients sign up for our patient portal account. Once you contact us through the portal, a representative will contact you within seven days.
If you received your first dose of the vaccine on January 8, 9, or 11th in 2021, OMNI is on track to administer your second dose. To be clear, if you currently have an appointment scheduled for your second dose of the vaccine, that appointment will be honored at its scheduled time, date and location.
If you are in search of the Covid-19 vaccine, Governor Ron DeSantis announced on Tuesday, January 19, 2021 the vaccine would be distributed through the county health departments and Publix supermarkets. For more information from the Brevard County Health Department, visit For more information regarding the vaccination process for Publix, contact
Please be assured that OMNI is prepared to vaccinate thousands of Brevard’s residents each day and is only impeded by the lack of supply. We are all patiently standing by and waiting.
In the meantime, OMNI continues to be a leader in Covid-19 antigen, molecular and antibody testing. OMNI also has clinical trials available for interested patients. If you would like information related to these services, please contact OMNI Healthcare’s Covid-19 hotline at (321) 802-5515 or email

OMNI Healthcare COVID-19 Testing

As of January 8, OMNI Healthcare will no longer provide drive-thru COVID-19 testing services. Should you need to be tested, please call anyone of our primary care physicians or pediatricians at their offices and schedule your appointment. Click here for contact information.